1st Anniversary Cutting Board

Love is a great thing and so are marriages. If you are celebrating your anniversary, whether it’s the 1st anniversary, 2nd or 3rd and so on, you and your spouse deserve loads of congratulations and a memorable gift to mark this day. Likewise, if you are attending a wedding, you have to bring a gift to celebrate the couple and wish them well in their marriage. But what kind of gift is best for celebrating an anniversary or a wedding?

The market is filled with adorable gifts to celebrate couples, but this personalized cutting board from NakedWoodWorks is absolutely fantastic. Cutting boards, as we know, can be quite boring and plain — just a small piece of wood, rectangular shaped, with nothing much going on with them. Well, not with this particular one.

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Detailed information about 1st Anniversary Cutting Board

It's unique, personalized and will, without doubt, stand out from the regular cutting boards you have seen around. This is a keepsake that will always be useful in the kitchen and can be used for a long time. It is made from walnut or maple wood and then oiled with food-safe oil to toughen and preserve the wood.

This is such a lovely piece that will always remind the two of their anniversary dates. Since it’s an important tool in the kitchen used every day, there is no chance of either of them forgetting this important day in their life.


A functional cutting board for cutting, slicing and dicing specialties in the kitchen

Engraved with important information to serve as a constant reminder of their important date in their lives

A quality board safe for use in the kitchen

Available in different sizes

Ideal gift for anniversaries and weddings