Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Rainbow ‘Unicorn Tears’

Many people use the make up to polish up their faces for that extra glow. The makeup industry has grown and is more than just the usual red lipstick and powder. Lately, there is a variety of makeup products to enhance any type of skin and still maintain the natural feel. And, in the world of lipsticks, many creations are drifting to the bright, fun kind of colors for the modern woman. If you are looking for a suitable gift for your lady figures , then this Too Faced La Crème Lipstick will do. The lipstick appears as a shimmery blue color in the tube. When applied, it looks more like lavender with a sky-blue hint. It is bright enough for the parties yet cool for a simple weekend stroll. The good thing with this lipstick is that it can be used together with other lipsticks to achieve a color combination of your choice. Also, it is moisturizing and can work well with matte liquid lipstick that tends to leave you feeling dry.

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Detailed information about Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Rainbow ‘Unicorn Tears’

The lipstick comes in a beautiful package, and there would be no need to repackage it as a gift. Every woman deserves a little treat, and this lipstick could be what you are looking for. Unlike the usual red or pink lipsticks, this one is distinctive and will have everyone asking about it. It is more of a glossy hint of color on the lips.