Gavel – Engraved with Round Block

Do you have someone in your life who is a judge, a lawyer, or a boss? Or an executive whose role involves chairing for meetings or committees that requires them to bring some order or gavel a gathering to a close? Are you at a loss on what to gift to any of the mentioned bunch of people in your life to celebrate them during a special occasion?

If your answer is an affirmative yes, then we believe that this engraved gavel with a round block from Valley Forge Wood Products will make an excellent professional gift for the occasion. A gavel gift can be given to just about anyone for any reason to celebrate any occasion.

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Detailed information about Gavel – Engraved with Round Block

And so, if you are celebrating anyone in a structured organization like lawyers, judges, magistrates, the chancellor, executives, board of directors, community leaders and so on, then your search for a fitting gift just got a whole lot easier.

The gavel will also make a fun gift to someone in your life who perhaps likes to keep things in order and probably presides over all the family meetings. It could be your dad, your mom or big brother. Whichever the case, then it will surely bring some laughter to the entire family including the recipient.

This particular gavel is made of solid walnut. The craftsmanship is simply amazing and outstanding. It features a solid round block which is also made of walnut. It's sturdy, firm and looks quite sophisticated with a smooth finish and high shine. The gavel measures approximately 10.5" long and the head is about 3" long.


A high-quality gavel featuring a personalized engraved band

Made of solid walnut

It's durable and sturdy

Engraving is flawless

Well finished and highly polished