Donald Trump You’re Fired Sound Button Gag Toy

Fans of “The Apprentice” television show starring Donald Trump will have repeatedly heard the irrepressible tagline “You’re Fired”. You either love the show or you hate it and the same choice applies to the man himself, but one thing is certain; you will love this gag gift featuring the voice of Donald Trump saying the phrase whenever the big white button is pressed.

Do you know a colleague at work who is always making silly mistakes? Press the button. Do you have a son who refuses to clean his room? Press the button. Have you a boss or supervisor who sits around drinking coffee while you are rushed off your feet? Press the button (as long as he or she has a sense of humor). If your spouse misses a bit when they are cutting the lawn, press the button.

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Detailed information about Donald Trump You’re Fired Sound Button Gag Toy

It is made from strong and durable materials and consists of a red base that holds the two AAA batteries, and a white movable top button emblazoned with the angry profile of Donald Trump. All that is required for this gag toy to do its stuff, is to press the button and that voice can be heard saying the phrase in the typical frustrated Trump manner.

You can listen over and over again to his nasal whine telling you that you are fired and you can laugh at him. This gag toy is the ideal gift for someone who is sick of receiving the same old presents.


Made from robust and sturdy materials

Press the button and you actually hear Donal Trump’s voice giving the orders

Ideal gag toy to give to anyone

You either love it or hate it,  just like Trump

Uses only two AAA batteries as a power supply