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ELOI Thank You Necklace For Stepmom

Growing up under the care of a stepmom is worthwhile, and nothing can compare to the love they show. Such a mom loves the children as their own and takes them through all the life stages like the real mom. Even if, a stepmom came into your life at a later stage, they still deserve the love and appreciation for coming in to push through life.

When choosing a special gift for her, you ought to get a gift that communicates directly to her for being a good mom. This necklace from ELOI will do just that and make her feel appreciated. It can be a gift for her special day such as a birthday, wedding, etc.

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Detailed information about ELOI Thank You Necklace For Stepmom

The necklace is made of stainless steel which is known to retain the sound quality over time. It resists rusting and does not tarnish for a long time. The design of the necklace features a round pendant and a small pearl pendant. The round one measures approximately 1 x 1 inch while the chain measures 16 inches. It has a 2-inch extension to allow for adjustments.

The pendant is stamped with lovely words for a stepmom, foster mom or host mom. The message appreciates her for loving you as one of her own. Also, the pendant has tiny heart stamps to express the feeling you have for her. The additional pearl pendant adds on to the style of the entire piece.