Burt’s Bees – Mama Bee Gift Set with Tin

When you think of getting a gift for a new a mom, your mind drifts to baby-related gifts. While this is a sweet gesture, it would also be great if you put a smile on a new mother face with a gift specially meant for her. Its an amazing way of appreciating her for bringing forth a newborn and showing her that she also deserves something nice. Normally, people tend to bring flowers and cards to congratulate the mother.

But then normal is not great. How about you forget the flowers for a moment and get for her this set of three pregnancy skin care products from Burt’s Bees. The Mama bee gift set with a tin that consists of pregnancy care products is an ideal gift to get for a new mom who is expecting or has just delivered.

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Detailed information about Burt’s Bees – Mama Bee Gift Set with Tin

The Mama Bees skin care collection consists of leg and foot cream, belly butter and Beeswax lip balm. This three set of skin care pregnancy products is meant to pamper and condition her skin leaving her adequately moisturized and nourished. It's quite a thoughtful gift that shows that you care about her and that she can still have a glowing skin despite her condition. When expecting, a woman's skin stretches beyond unimaginable limits, and the hormones are usually actively determined to suck all the goodness out of her skin.

As if that's not enough, the new mom has to deal with the extra weight which leaves her with painful muscles, sore feet, and aching legs. But this beautiful set of pregnancy skin products will eliminate all these problems and leave the new mom with new glowing skin, that is fully moisturized, conditioned and nourished.


Comes in a beautiful giftable tin that doesn’t need to be wrapped
Products are formulated with natural ingredients
You will forever be happy with the outcome of this product