The Puffin in Bloom Collection Hardcover

The Puffin in Bloom collection comes in hardcover form. With this wonderful classic by Rifle Paper CO now everyone can enjoy a good read. It has been created by a RPC’s lead artist called Anna Bond. The collection comes in a very beautiful and stunning cover. The cover is made in a fairytale-inspired design and will make the shelves look enriched at first sight. It features all four classics in Puffin in Bloom, including Anna of Green Gables, Little Princess, Heidi and Little Women. The cover is quite well-illustrated and would make a great gift for any mother.

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Detailed information about The Puffin in Bloom Collection Hardcover

Any kid will cherish this collection and buying it as a gift will be the best surprise. The books are colorful and decorative and will perfectly match any space. The books are illustrated with rich and various motifs and this makes reading even more interesting than usual. These classics come in a quality pack that is made to be lasting and durable.