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DC Batman Mini Stir Popcorn Popper

If they love superheroes and comic books, they are absolutely going to need this DC Batman stir popcorn popper.

Designed after the caped crusader who protected the masses in Gotham City, this product will certainly come to the rescue and protect the innocent from boring movie snacks.

This is the perfect addition to movie night. This DC Comic Batman popcorn popper is ready to set the theme for the evening and add to the mood as well as the menu.

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Detailed information about DC Batman Mini Stir Popcorn Popper

This unique item takes only five minutes to make up to six cups of fluffy stirred popcorn just like at the movie theater.

Add a little melted butter and put in a good movie, maybe Batmans Returns or The Dark Knight, and get ready for a real theater experience without ever having to leave the house.

To ensure getting a consistently sized batch of buttery goodness, just use the included measuring scoops to measure out the kernels and the oil, this way there will always be enough to keep family and friends happy.

Toggle the simple on/off switch and watch the oil heat and the stirrer constantly moving the kernels around the hot surface and before the opening credits have finished there will be six cups of fresh, warm and fragrant popcorn, the quintessential snack of movie-goers everywhere.


Makes up to six cups of delicious movie-style popcorn

Scoops are included for measuring popcorn oil and kernels

The upper clear portion of the unit also functions as a serving container

Non-stick kernel and oil heating surface