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Creaker 3 Way Cat Tunnel

Cats are small lovely creatures that certainly spice up evenings when you get home. The furry friends are so adorable that all you want for them is quality playtime and comfort. But, the cats’ toy world might not have unique ones to offer as gifts for cat lovers.

Luckily, all is not lost as innovations keep resurfacing. This cat tunnel is one of the ideal cat toys for an awesome experience playing with other cats or the owner. How about gifting a cat lover with this and make their day? It can be a gift for a new cat parent or those that are obsessed with keeping cats.


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Detailed information about Creaker 3 Way Cat Tunnel

The tunnel is made of crinkle crackle paper with three connected tunnels with a peephole and a soft toy for the cat to play with and have fun. The entire piece can be a great tool for the cat's exercise as well as self-amusement. The tunnels are made of durable, tear-resistant polyester which is wrapped around a steel frame.

The tunnels are collapsible to allow portability when one has to leave home with the cat. Each of the tubes that make up the 3-way tunnel is about 10 inches tall and a foot long. This makes it ideal for most cats since they can fit in there comfortably. Indeed it is an impressive piece for a cat's play time. The good thing is that you can carry it around to the park, family outings, and other outdoor setups.