Catit Fountains for Cats and Dogs

Do you have a spoiled cat in your house? Or maybe a dog that is picky about only drinking water that drips or falls (they usually drink out of the faucet or tub). This Catit cat drinking fountain is perfect for single or multi-cat households. Get this and take your cats drinking experience to a whole new level. This fountain has three different water flow settings. This way your picky kitty will have their purrrfect flow rate. Also, the fountain aspect of the device means the water is oxygenated making it fresher and better tasting.

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Detailed information about Catit Fountains for Cats and Dogs

The Catit fountain holds 3L of water and recirculates it. It is 8.6 inches (or 21 cm) high so it is perfect for your cats to reach. It is not very wide so does not take up a lot of floor space. It even comes with a triple action water softening filter meaning your furry friend won’t have to drink hard water which can include magnesium and calcium. There is a small energy efficient pump which circulates the water.