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Cooling Towel – Instant Chilly Towel

If someone you know is regularly doing strenuous activities or is exposed to the sun, they will need something special to keep them cool and safe from heatstroke. The ideal item is a damp towel or something similar but unfortunately, these tend to dry out very quickly leaving the user as warm and as uncomfortable as they would have been if they didn’t use it in the first place. What would be ideal is to have a towel that stays damp for a lot longer and is able to keep the user cool throughout the entire exercise regime.

The Instant Cooling Towel from Sukeen does all this and more. It is made from a highly evaporative mesh polyester fabric that is activated the minute it is immersed in water, allowed to soak for a couple of minutes, wrung out and then shaken two or three times.

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Detailed information about Cooling Towel – Instant Chilly Towel

It can then be folded and put away in its custom made carrying pouch complete with carabiner clip, to hang from a belt, sports bag or rucksack. The secret is in the evaporation. When water evaporates it needs energy to do so and the towel takes that energy in the form of heat from the user’s skin. You might think that this is magic but it is the same principle that the body uses to cool itself down by evaporating sweat from the skin.

The cooling towel isn't just good for someone who exercises a lot, it is also ideal for keeping in the home first aid kit in case one of the children wakes up in the night with a fever and needs to be cooled down quickly.


The Instant Cooling Towel will keep anyone cool when needed

Comes with an antibacterial carrying pouch with a carabiner

Can be washed over and over again and is completely reusable