Cleaning MakeUp Brushes Cleaner

Struggling to find a present for your sister, mother or girlfriend? Well, look no further! This small pink silicon oval, functions as a scrubbing board to clean makeup brushes. Girls will no longer have to struggle with cleaning all the dirt and dry makeup from their brushes. In just a few short minutes they can get their brushes to feel as soft and clean as the day they bought them.

The Washing Board was created by Komocare and features small knobs on the top half and horizontal grooves on the bottom half. The small knobs are to foam and lather soap onto the brush while the grooves are used to agitate and clean the individual bristles. Since the board is made of silicon it ensures the bristles won’t get damaged. It also includes a small hole at the base where your index and middle finger can easily slide through. This makes it easier to hold and operate so that it doesn’t slip from your fingers and so your hands don’t get as tired.

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Detailed information about Cleaning MakeUp Brushes Cleaner

It’s very compact and will fit easily into a makeup case. This is perfect for traveling, so you can keep your brushes nice and clean even when abroad. It comes in pink, green and purple and is the best accessory for any makeup set. In fact, it’s actually a necessity. If you want to have a good working makeup set, you need a good cleaner. And Komocare came to deliver!

To use the Washing Board, you simply wet your brush in warm water, lather it with some soap and gently scrub it against the top part. Follow that by rubbing it along the horizontal grooves a couple times to loosen up any excess dirt then rinse the brush off with water. Squeeze any excess, reshape any bristles that may be out of place and lay it out to dry on a flat surface.