I Love You Mom Necklace With Engraved Pendant

Some of the people that deserve a splash of gifts before anyone else are the mothers in your life. They are the pillars of life and do so much to ensure everyone is happy. For this reason, they deserve a treat now and then. How about a sweet gift they can keep for the memory?

This necklace from Qianse is the perfect jewelry piece for mom. It is specially designed for her and seeks to impress her for being part of your life. It is super cute and can be a lovely gift for any occasion.

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Detailed information about I Love You Mom Necklace With Engraved Pendant

The necklace, meant for the moms in your life is made of 925, Sterling silver with a gold finish for style. It is cast from rose gold, silver and gold plated brass for that extra detail. The necklace feature three rings all tied up together to bring out a unique style. Within the rings is a decorated sparkle crystal that defines the entire piece.

The features that make this necklace unique are the three layers of different size rings with the sparkling crystal in it. Also, the different shades of gold together with the silver ring create an attractive piece that will have mom receive compliments. The necklace design makes it suitable to wear with any dress regardless of the event.