Absolutely Lush Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror

Sometimes finding a gift for someone who loves makeup is a really difficult thing to do. Whether they are into lipsticks or eyeshadows it really does not matter because people often forget the most important feature when it comes to applying makeup – is a good mirror! This natural daylight makeup mirror might be the perfect gift for this situation.  It features a 180-degree swivel rotation and it is really simple to use. The face and the look can be checked from any angle possible. There is an additional spot mirror which can be used for an up to 10x magnified look up for finer details. The magnifier has suction cups mounted on the back and is detachable for user’s convenience. It can be also attached to the mirror or any other smooth surface too.

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Detailed information about Absolutely Lush Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror

With this makeup mirror, everyone will be able to see any small detail because it is surrounded by 21 LED lights. These lights are made to mimic the natural daylight and can be dimmed easily to suit any need or surrounding. They are better than other lights because they are easy on the eyes and they do not create heat which can be proven fatal when applying makeup. The mirror comes with an on/off button for easy dimming.