Chick Night Light for Kids

Remember when we were kids and we get scared of the things that go bump in the night? How about the monster under the bed or in the closet? We would scream for mommy or daddy, and as soon as they turn on the lights, we’ll realize that the monster in the closet is actually just a jacket on a hanger.

Fast forward to a decade or two later and you find yourself in the shoes of your parents. But instead of being the screaming kid, you have a newborn! The fear of the darkness isn’t much about the things that scared you as a child anymore, but rather about getting to feed the baby without waking your partner. But how are you gonna manage to do this without the comfort of light? With the Chick Bedside Lamp Night Light of course!

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Detailed information about Chick Night Light for Kids

Right now, your baby is oblivious to the darkness, but for you and other mommas out there, a night light is essential when you need to breastfeed the baby or change his/her diaper in the middle of the night. No more turning on the blinding ceiling light! With the Chick night light, rest assured your baby and partner’s sleep will be uninterrupted.

The rechargeable battery life is amazingly long - up to 200 hours for low light and 8 hours for high light.



Long battery life

Has a soft, warm glow that won’t hurt your children’s eyes