Chef Hats – Mr Good Lookin’ Is Cookin’

This chef’s hat is just what the chef needs to keep his or her hair in order and away from food. It is stylish and very fashionable and the chef will always be able to stamp his or her personality onto the kitchen with one of these.

This chef’s hat is really comfortable and also really functional when keeping hair out of the way and soaking up the sweat when slaving over a hot grill.

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Detailed information about Chef Hats – Mr Good Lookin’ Is Cookin’

The Velcro closure is fully adjustable for those with hat sizes of X Small to 5XX Large. Another good thing about these toques is that once they are in place, they won’t slide up the forehead and fall off.

This is such a great gift idea, it is perfect for the amateur chef who enjoys cooking at home or who loves to host barbeques, but also it is perfect for the professional chef with its fine craftsmanship. The manufacturer is so sure that the buyer will be happy with their purchase that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked!


This is a lovely chef’s hat that will allow the chef to make his or her mark on their kitchen

Perfect for keeping unruly hair in place and away from food

One size fits all with the adjustable Velcro closure

Has a funny comment on the hat