Charcoal Soap Bar – 100% Natural Ingredients

Here is an under $10 gift idea that will make a great difference to someone’s skin and body. This charcoal soap bar by Suona will be a welcome gift to a person you know who is constantly battling skin problems including breakouts that leave their face and body itchy and blotchy.

This lavender charcoal organic soap will become an important part of the daily skin care routine. It revitalizes, enhances and restores the skin into a healthy glow.

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Detailed information about Charcoal Soap Bar – 100% Natural Ingredients

This handmade soap will deeply cleanse the pores and even help by reducing their size thus eliminating the risk of skin infections. It eliminates excess oil while at the same time gently tightening the skin. The presence of lavender essential oils will work great in reducing the appearance of fine lines including wrinkles and dark spots.

It will not only detoxify the skin, but it will increase its health and enhance the skin's natural beauty. It's full of vitamins, minerals and organic essential oils that are filled with antioxidants and amino acids.

Who knew a soap bar that costs less than $10 would be the answer to a stubborn acne and skin problems? Everyone deserves to have beautiful, glowing soft skin. This soap bar that is infused with activated charcoal, organic essential oils, minerals, and vitamins might me be the long-awaited solution to glowing skin.


Handmade soap bar with all natural organic ingredients

Safe on skin

It detoxifies and cleanses the skin, improves elasticity, gets rid of excess oil and acts as an anti-aging

It revitalizes, enhances, and restores the skin to sound state of health