HYJM Creative Fruit Lovely Cartoon Watermelon Coin Purse

If you take organizing your home seriously, you agree that having every item in the right place makes it easier for you. Think about having your make up brushes all over, or packs of receipts scattered in your bag; it can be irritating. You ought to find different ways to organize your stuff, not only in your space but also in your bags.

Coins, in most cases, are left to fit the small pockets of backpacks which can be messy at times. A coin purse is easy to pull out and store all your coins in one place. This one from HYJM is cute, and you should get a piece.

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Detailed information about HYJM Creative Fruit Lovely Cartoon Watermelon Coin Purse

The coin purse comes in the shape of a watermelon with all details resembling the actual watermelon. It is made of a plush material and comes with a zip closure to secure the coins. On one end, the purse has a small chain at the zipper so you can attach it to the pocket or bag. It measures approximately 20cm by 10 cm for the large size and 13.5 cm x 8cm for the small one.

The purse provides ample space to carry your change coins and keys. You no longer have to throw in your coins inside the bag with this, and it is a beautiful addition altogether. You can get this for your mom, sister or friends as a gift to appreciate them.