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Big Joe 615137 Bean Bag Chair Soccer Ball

Many kids get involved in sports at a young age. So much so that their whole little world basically revolves around it. Going to practices after school, watching the games, playing said sport outside with friends – this is how the life of a sporty kid usually is. But sometimes, of course, they like to wind down, chill inside the house and play video games or watch a sports game.

So to get your kid comfy while lounging around, why don’t you get them a bean bag? And not just any bean bag, we think they will love this soccer ball bean bag chair from Big Joe.

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Detailed information about Big Joe 615137 Bean Bag Chair Soccer Ball

The ultimate gift for kids who just love soccer, this waterproof, super comfortable bean bag is perfect for hanging out and showing their love for the sport at the same time.

The best thing is, there are two safety lock zippers that helps seal the bags so you do not need to worry about your kid’s safety while using the seat. If you prefer to add or change the beans inside, you certainly can! With the help of a pin or paper clip, you can open up the bean bag and add or change the filling.


Durable and stain resistant


Cool soccer ball design that kids who are avid fans of soccer will love