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The Hockey Mug With A Net

How many times have you asked your kids to stop playing with their food? More times than you can count. This product is a cute and clever way to allow your kids to play with their food and drink. “The Hockey Mug with a Net” from MAX’IS Creations is a way that your children (or grandchildren) are able to play while they eat or drink.

It is basically an oversize mug (it is big enough to be used as a bowl) made into the shape of half a ball used in a specific sport. This one has a shape like half of a hockey puck but there are others made in the image of a football, soccer ball, basketball, and baseball. On the rim of the mug nearest to the handle, there is an extension in the form of a net, hoop, glove or goal depending on the sport. This makes using the mug so much fun for all kids, both young and old.

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They can flick mini marshmallows into hot chocolate, cereal into milk, broken crackers or toast into soup or toppings onto ice cream. It will be so much fun for them to have an excuse to play sports with their drink and it will give you a break from nagging them all the time.

This is a 14 fl oz mug and measures 5.25” diameter, 7” including the handle and 4.75” high. It is a unique product and the company owns patents on the idea. The mugs are made from good quality stoneware and come already packed in boxes ready for gifting. Each mug is hand painted so slight variations will occur between mugs, but this only adds to their charm.


Designed in the USA and compliant with all the appropriate regulations needed for items in contact with food and drink

Made from sturdy kiln fired stoneware and big enough to be used as a bowl or a mug

Because each mug is hand painted it means that variations will occur and each mug will be unique

Choose from a variety of team sports