WonderZoo Auto Flip Down Bicycle Clock

This unique vintage bicycle clock from WonderZoo would make a novel gift for anyone and is certain to become a treasured keepsake.

The retro design makes this utilitarian piece of cycling artwork great for public or private display and a great gift for an avid cyclist or just a vintage style junkie.

This clock is a flip style timepiece and the mechanism accurately gives the hour and minute of the day. The silent quartz motion engineered into the clock renders it noiseless, and perfect for quiet settings.

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Detailed information about WonderZoo Auto Flip Down Bicycle Clock

The bicycle clock can be mounted on a wall for everyone to see and enjoy, but it also makes a fun statement piece sitting on a mantle or a desk.

This clock is available in two finishes, shooting star or dark night black, and is constructed of stainless steel for durability and beauty.

The large numbers written in bright white, in addition to the precise flip movement of the timer make this clock super simple to read, even from a distance.

It runs on the power of two D cell zinc manganese batteries or regular D cell batteries that are not included.


Time is measured via a flip down mechanism for showing both the hour and the minute

The clock runs on two D cell zinc manganese batteries or regular D cell batteries, not included

Comes in two choices of color