Exotic Sands – Moving Sand Pictures

Choosing a unique gift does not necessarily mean going for renowned brands. It is about selecting an item that stands out from most of its class with detailed features. Such items vary from art pieces to trendy outfits. One thing to keep in mind though is that the item should be helpful to the recipient in one way or the other.

Take for example this Exotic Moving Sand Picture frame; it is stylish and outstanding. It is designed as an executive gift idea for men. The piece can work well as a gift for anniversaries, friend’s events, and a gift for the boss or any other person.

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Detailed information about Exotic Sands – Moving Sand Pictures

What makes the art piece unique? The entire piece comes in a beautiful wooden feel for the frame and stand. They are designed to last a long time while polishing up a dull space. The interior of this piece features different sand designs that come in various colors.

The framed glass piece has air bubbles that hold up the sand with every tilt. This creates the unique pictures which may take minutes to hours to form a complete scene. The black and tends to settle lower than the white one and the two never mix. Also, some of the sand crystals are opaque while some are transparent. This gives the picture sort of a 3D effect.