Pebble Smartwatch

With all the tech we have in today’s age, some may think it may be a bit overwhelming. You got this flashy smartphone and maybe you get a million notifications per day on it. You got to keep up with the latest Facebook post, you have to keep up with the newest Instagram picture, you have to keep up with the latest news story and the list can go on. Before you know it, you pretty much spent the entire day on your phone and you wonder where all your time went to. What if there was a thing you could have that would allow you to make your life a bit easier and also make it much less overwhelming? We present the Pebble Smartwatch!

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Detailed information about Pebble Smartwatch

This is a smartwatch. You can check your email, check text messages, your calendar, and even play music; all from the watch! The Pebble comes in a few color options to meet your specific taste, but keep in mind that the price will vary depending on the color you get. The cheapest option is the red version, and then the most expensive is the black. Now being a smartwatch, you may think that this would cost a fortune. Well, not even close. It cost way less than say an Apple Watch would! You get an awesome smartwatch capable of most things the Apple version can do but without the distractions!