Amazon Fire 7 For Kids

Nowadays, it is really important to keep the children occupied without exposing them to inappropriate content. In this modern time, this can be quite of a challenge for any parent. Everyone wants to keep their children safe and to inspire them to spend their time reading, playing sports, studying or playing with siblings and peers. The truth is – children get bored easily and they want to play with gadgets all the time. Sometimes, parents are overwhelmed and busy and they would prefer if the kids are entertained in the right ways. Well, the Amazon Fire 7 for kids comes to every parent’s rescue! The Amazon Fire 7 is a device of 16GB ultra-safe, educational and wholesome entertainment for kids. Offering unlimited options from games and books to videos and apps – the Fire 7 will keep the children occupied with educational content that can always be monitored and controlled by parents.

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Detailed information about Amazon Fire 7 For Kids

The 16GB of storage space is just one of the many features of the Amazon Fire 7. It also comes in a smudge-proof case which can be blue, pink or yellow and it will keep the display safe from dirty fingers and high falls. Other features include WiFi connectivity, over 8 hours of battery life, 7inch display and a powerful quad-core processor. The device comes with one year of free subscription to FreeTime Unlimited which is a program that offers thousands of hours of educational and interactive games, books, videos, and apps.