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AleHorn “Hand of the King” Style Bottle Opener

What do you buy for the Game of Thrones fan who has everything? The AleHorn “Hand of the King” bottle opener is the perfect gift idea for someone who wishes they came from Westeros.

This is a really useful gift that will complement the other Game of Thrones merchandise such as the tankards and drinking horn, produced by this manufacturer or it can be used on its own to open your bottles of beer, ales and other beverages supplied with crown caps.

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Detailed information about AleHorn “Hand of the King” Style Bottle Opener

The Game of Thrones fan can bring it out when friends come around to watch the latest episode and crack open a few cold ones, but keep an eye on it and don’t let it end up in someone else’s pocket. It may be a good conversation starter but we all know that the real Hand of the King brooch was a sign of power to those who wore it so make sure the owner keeps hold of it and doesn’t let it out of their sight.

Not only is this gift a bottle opener, it can also be used as a handy letter opener. Where do you keep it so it doesn’t get lost? We all know how useful little items like this become mislaid when left in a drawer for more than a couple of days, well this clever little gift has a magnet on the reverse so it can stick onto anything made from steel or why not keep it on the fridge door where it is handy.


Comes complete with a magnet on the reverse so can be kept on the fridge door

Made from gold finished metal, this bottle opener is solid and extremely well made

It is built to last with a 100% manufacturer’s money back guarantee

This is a brilliant conversation piece for all “Game of Thrones” enthusiasts