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The Perfect Black And Tan Beer Layering Tool

Has the beer drinker in your house ever wanted to make a real Black and Tan like those available in pubs and bars? For those of you who don’t know, a Black and Tan is a beverage where two beers of different densities are poured into the same glass without them mixing. The result is a layer of less dense beer floating on top of a layer of higher density beer. Usually the higher density beer is darker in color while the less dense beer is a lighter colored beer; hence the name “Black and Tan”.

Now the secret used by bar-tenders everywhere is available for you to buy the person in your life who enjoys Beer at home. The Black and Tan Beer Layering Tool from The Perfect Black and Tan is a cool and quirky gift you can buy to enable them to produce this beer at home in the man cave.

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Detailed information about The Perfect Black And Tan Beer Layering Tool

If the significant person in your life loves beer then buy him or her, this clever tool for a new and different way to enjoy their favorite tipple. This is a unique addition to everyone’s home bar or man cave and it is so simple you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

The secret to pouring a perfect Black and Tan is to pour the light beer on top of the heavy beer slowly and gently so that the two do not mix. If the pourer is an expert they can do this without any aid at all, but it is tricky. The ring of small holes in the Tool makes this possible for the amateur by trickling the top layer into the glass gently and without disturbing the bottom layer. It is so easy once the secret is known.


It's made from food grade stainless steel so that the metal does not taint the beer and is easily cleaned after use

Just like the beer poured in pubs by skilled bar keepers

This is a simple tool that will be used successfully by almost anyone