Finally 21 – 6 Beer Bottle Labels and 1 Carrier

Traditionally, the 21st is a special birthday when the person legally becomes a full adult with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it. There are a few traditional gifts that are given at this age, but this gift is possibly unique. “The Finally 21 – 21st Birthday 6 Beer Bottle Labels and Carrier” from Big Dot of Happiness is a kit for those of us who are legally old enough to drink alcohol and want to celebrate this fact.

It includes six beer bottle stickers stating “21 and Legally #Drunk” together with six bottle neck labels and a six pack bottle carrier, all emblazoned with the same or similar label.

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Detailed information about Finally 21 – 6 Beer Bottle Labels and 1 Carrier

As if this isn’t all, the pack also comes with four Birthday Party Stickers so you can decorate the party. The bottle stickers each measure 3.5” wide x 3” tall and suit all standard sized beer bottles or similarly sized soft drink bottles. The beer bottle collar neck labels each measure 3.5” long x 1.5” high (maximum). These beer labels will celebrate the day and give anyone’s 21st birthday party a buzz.

The labels can be used on top of the original labels but it is recommended that the original ones need to be removed first.


This is a fun gift to give to a person on his or her 21st birthday occasion

The labels and carrier fit all standard sized beer bottles (and cans too)

Will stick onto plastic bottles as well as glass

The labels are waterproof and will withstand chilled conditions


The bottle labels can only be used once

The bottles are not included in the kit