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Brew House Beer Chillers

The Brew House Beer Chillers might probably be the best gift you can get for that special man in your life or a beer lover. The pair would also make a great elephant gift or a stocking stuffer for a loved one or a friend. Since the holidays are almost here, it would be fun to get these amazing drink chillers for someone as a fun gift that is actually useful.

The drink chillers amazingly keep drinks refreshingly cold for longer. They are made with stainless steel which is a high-quality material, and the chillers have a highly advanced cooling liquid inside. The two, are the main components responsible for keeping a drink colder and refreshing for longer. The neck of each of these chillers is made with a firm rubber. It makes the chiller to seal tightly and firmly almost in all bottle tops and leaves absolutely no space for leaks. So besides keeping a drink cold and refreshingly fresh for long, these stainless-steel chillers also make the bottle leak free. Amazing stuff right there!

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Detailed information about Brew House Beer Chillers

The chillers are easy to use. Each has a four flow holes to allow the drink to flow freely instead of slowly and annoyingly dripping out. Shouldn’t bear just flow freely? That’s what you get with these beer chillers.

The drink chillers which are about 8 inches long are designed to fit in most bottles, both glass and plastic perfectly. They do not water down a drink as it is the case with ice cubes, neither do they slow down the drink flow. In fact, the top of the chiller will actually feel better on the lips than the actual bottle. In addition to keeping the beer cold, the chillers also keep the foam on the low. Amazing right!


They are designed with a sturdy rubber for tightly sealing the drink

Keeps the drink chilled in 45 minutes

They come packaged in a sturdy gift box

Made with four flow holes

Fits in most bottles tops both plastic and glass