Bring Me A Cold Beer Socks

Gifting loved ones not only means you want to appreciate them but shows you care. It does not matter how much you have to spend to impress; it’s the thought that counts. Again, being expensive does not necessarily mean they will be more impressed than if you got the usual gifts.

This pair of socks is super hilarious. The socks are designed for beer lovers and bring about a new way of asking for a cold beer; well, which is not the case. The socks can be lovely gifts for birthdays, parties, anniversaries or any other occasions.

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Detailed information about Bring Me A Cold Beer Socks

The socks are suitable for both men and women and are designed to fit a US size 6 to 11. The socks are made of 65 % cotton material and 35 % polyester material. This combination brings about comfortable, durable and stretchable socks. The design of the socks features a thick elastic band that lasts a long time without stretching beyond the limit.

What makes the socks unique are the printed words at the base. One of the socks has a funny tag saying, ‘if you can read this' while the other has an even funnier tag saying, ‘bring me a cold beer.' What a lovely surprise for a friend that loves to indulge in a beer. Not only do they get a funny pair of socks but create a memory as well.