40th Milestone Birthday – Dashingly Aged to Perfection Stickers

Have you a friend or family member who is fast approaching 40 years? They may or may not be deciding to have a special occasion 40th birthday party, but either way, you will be expected to buy them a significant and possibly special birthday gift.

Buying a birthday present for a man is often more difficult than buying one for a woman anyway so you may have to give more thought to this present than to any others, especially if the recipient is one of your best buddies. The answer to your predicament may not be original but how you go about it certainly is.

The 40th Milestone Birthday Party Beer Bottle Labels and Carrier is just the thing to make a boring old six-pack of Bud into something to remember, and at less than $10 it won’t break the bank.

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All you do is go to your favorite liquor store and buy a six pack of beer (bottles are better although cans will work too). Before you chill the bottles and while they are still at room temperature wash off the original beer labels. Dry the bottles and carefully apply the self-adhesive labels to the bottles. Then, apply the neck label and transfer the bottles to the carrier that comes with this kit. Add the appropriate labels to the carrier and the customized gift is complete. All you need to do now is to chill the bottles and take them to your buddy’s birthday bash.


The self-adhesive labels replace the existing beer bottle labels

Will make any ordinary beer six-pack into a special customized birthday gift

At less than $10 it won’t break the bank