Beer Coolie Drinking Gift Bundle

Beer coolies are a really useful item to have when the weather is hot or if the beer drinker takes a long while just sipping their beer. They are a molded piece of foam constructed to hold a regular sized beer or soda can and more importantly keep them cold. What is clever about these coolies however is that they each have a witty comment or slogan printed on both sides so that they will always raise a smile no matter from which direction they are viewed.

The “Funny Can Coolie Gift Bundle 6 Pack” from This Wear is a pack of six different coolies so there is one for each of the cans in the carton.

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Detailed information about Beer Coolie Drinking Gift Bundle

Give them as a gift for a pair of newlyweds or on a wedding anniversary. Take them to the beach to keep the bevies cool or take them on a hiking or camping trip. Don’t forget they will fold flat when not in use so will easily slip inside a rucksack or in a pocket until needed. There are three different six packs of coolies that can be bought so they will suit up to 18 people before the slogans start to repeat themselves.


These 1/8” thick polyurethane foam coolies will help keep the beverage cold and the hands warm

When not in use they will fold flat and be easily stored away

They will hold a standard sized 12 floz can or a 12 to 16 floz bottle

Each coolie has a unique witty slogan printed on the sides