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Chocolate Maple Porter Beer Making Mix by Brooklyn Brew Shop

With the interest in hand-crafted beers on the rise, Brooklyn Brew Shop has come up with a unique and tasty beer rendition that can be made at home on the stovetop. Fun and delicious, why not give homebrewing a try? Imagine telling friends and family as they sit around the table enjoying this Chocolate Maple Porter that you made it yourself.

All of the fun and satisfaction of brewing a craft beer can now be had at home. With one of the exceptional mixes from the Brooklyn Brew Shop, creating a delicious and unique beer in a home kitchen is actually possible and definitely worth the effort.


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Detailed information about Chocolate Maple Porter Beer Making Mix by Brooklyn Brew Shop

If you have a stove top and a little time, the perfect brew can be made at home, start to finish!

This particular chocolate maple porter brew is rich, dark, and creamy with notes of decadent chocolate. At the end of the boil, the addition of just a hint of maple syrup caps off the complex flavor of this beer and gives this brew its distinctive maple flavor with a hint of sweetness. This homebrew is bound to become a favorite, with its subtle flavor and undeniable freshness of a handcrafted brew.


The much trusted Brooklyn Brew Shop offers a variety of kits and mixes, and are a leader in the craft beer industry

Each kit makes one gallon of the beverage of choice

Each kit comes with written instructions as well as a video detailing step by step the beer making process