6-Piece Coaster Set in the Shape of a Cactus

This 6-piece coaster set in the shape of a cactus is one of a kind gift that anyone will love! The set puts the fun in functional and it is an awesome addition to nearly any household. It is made to be practical and its design is beyond smart and adorable. With multiple ways to store it, it is an environmentally-friendly product that will serve a great role in any kind of home. There aren’t really any negatives with this great coaster set. The set features six coasters and a holder that is shaped like a flower pot.

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Detailed information about 6-Piece Coaster Set in the Shape of a Cactus

The coasters come in a dark green color and they will attract the attention of anyone who uses them. They are made to link up into one another just to shape a form that resemblances a cactus tree when they are stored together in the holder.  No everyone can say goodbye to stacking coasters. These are cool, innovative and a surely can be used as a conversation-starter. The coaster set comes with a container that looks like a pot so anyone can build their cactus.