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ThinkGeek Pokemon Poké Ball Lunch Box

Pokémon-GO themed gifts are the talk everywhere, and it happens that the craze now coincides with the gift-giving season. So, if you have a Pokémon fan in your life and you have no idea what kind of gift to get for them, look no further.

The Poké- fan in your life would be thrilled to have this Pokémon Poké Ball lunch Box  from ThinkGeek, and you will have the pleasure of surprising them with it. If there is something that we have learned about the little magical creatures is that candy makes the world go around.

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Detailed information about ThinkGeek Pokemon Poké Ball Lunch Box

So instead of filling this little pretty Poké ball lunch box with skittles we will switch that with healthy snacks and have fun carrying a piece of Pokémon everywhere. This Poké ball lunch box is simply adorable and super cool.  It’s the perfect lunch box for Pokémon trainers on the go and the young ones who are all about Pokémon.

The lunch box has dimensions of 6 ½" wide X 5" tall and weighs 14 ounces. This is a pretty sizeable lunch case enough to fill with an apple, sandwich and a few carrot sticks for snacking while on the go. It's also ideal for the little ones, and it can be filled with enough healthy snacks for them to munch at school at break time.


A quality lunch box for carrying healthy snacks while on the go

The lunch box is made of food-contact-safe plastic

The lunch case is dishwasher safe

It has an integrated handle together with a push-button lid


The latch, for some lunch boxes, tends not to hold together and opens randomly