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Chef Buddy 4 Piece Ctrl Alt Delete Hot and Cold Cup Set

Have you ever wondered what to buy your geek buddies when they get a place of their own, or when you go to visit? They are always the most difficult people to buy something for.

You have to be very careful that you don’t buy any merchandise from the latest fantasy or superhero movie because they have already got it, and whatever you do buy an accessory for his or her computer, you will always get the wrong type, and they probably already have what they want anyway. But we bet they won’t have this fun gimmicky cup set.

The hot and cold cup set from Chef Buddy is just the job when buying something for your friend.

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Detailed information about Chef Buddy 4 Piece Ctrl Alt Delete Hot and Cold Cup Set

The chances are that they haven’t seen this unique cup set before and will really love something from which to drink their hot cocoa or coffee.

It is a set of three cups made in the style of computer keyboard keys and each cup has one of the words “Alt, Ctrl & Del” printed on the bottom. The cups are colored black on the outside with white on the inside.

They are all made from sturdy plastic (looks almost like ceramic) and come with a rectangular display tray etched with a printed circuit board.

The plastic is completely dishwasher proof and each cup holds 8 ounces and is suitable for hot or cold beverages.


Made from sturdy black and white plastic

Dishwasher safe

Geeky and fun style cups