Panda Hug Coffee Mug

This is a beyond adorable Panda Hug Mug! The Panda mug is a drinking mug made of high-quality dolomite-ceramic. It can withstand high temperatures and all kinds of beverages. Any kind of favorite and delicious drink can be poured into this beautiful cup! The Panda mug is perfect for tea or coffee breaks at any time of the day. It will perfectly fit most people and it will brighten the mood whenever it shows its face! It gives a calm and charming expression with its cute and unique panda look!

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Detailed information about Panda Hug Coffee Mug

This mug is also very physically appealing with a very endearing hugging panda design. As if that is not enough, an additional pocket for a cookie is also attached. It is the perfect companion for any kind of beverages. A person can carry it everywhere; from the comfort of their own home to the office for coffee breaks, even from the classroom for early morning lectures. It also has a large handle making it easy to grip.