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ZTL Unicorn Sleeping Mask and Slippers Set

If you have been looking for a perfect gift for a unicorn lover in your life, your search might just be over. This set of unicorn goodies that includes sleeping mask and slippers is so cute just the like animal it represents.

We can’t argue that unicorns are nearly everyone’s favorite fantasy, and we all want to believe that they are real.

These magical, mythical creatures are not just a favorite to children but to a large percentage of girls, which include adults and teens as well.

Perhaps it’s the way make everything look so incredibly cute and simpler, but whichever case they are loved and everything about them is delightful, and so is this ZTL unicorn set.

These slippers and sleeping mask might just be what your daughter, niece, sister wife, or mom needs to have a perfect night in and a good night sleep! Both items are fun and whimsical and feature the unicorn rainbow colors and horns.

They are luxurious and playful, which is a perfect depiction of these lovely mythical creatures.

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Detailed information about ZTL Unicorn Sleeping Mask and Slippers Set

The eye mask which measures approximately 7" x 3.5" is a one size fits all. It has an elastic strap which holds the mask in place; thus, it's not easy to fall off when sleeping.

And since the sleeping mask can fit most, it is suitable for women and teens, girls and kids. It's made of thick plush material and offers full light block.

This way, you can calm and relax and enjoy the sleeping process. It can be used for meditation, night shifts at work, daytime napping, when traveling, or as an insomnia aid.

The slippers, on the other hand, are great for indoors and even outdoors. They are designed with anti-skid rubber sole which reliably prevents dampness and water from sipping and absorbing through into the slippers.

This unicorn inspired set will be the ultimate treat for the kids and their friends when they do a sleepover.


Made of plush materials

Feature lovely colors and the unicorn horns

Both are comfortable to wear

Ideal for women, teens, and kids