Yoga Set Kit – 7-Piece 1

If you are on a hunt for a befitting gift for a someone who takes their wellness seriously, then your search just got easier. We might be talking about the yogis in your life who always spend so much of their time on the mat posing upside down. This gift set kit from Clever Yoga impressively has all the essentials and tools for a yoga lover.

If you gift this set kit to a yoga lover, you can be assured that they will never buy another one for a long time. Everything included in this gift set will offer unparalleled comfort, relaxation and cushioning just what a yogi needs to maintain their wellness routine. If you are yogi, why not grab a set for yourself also and get all your yoga essentials conveniently in one package?

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Detailed information about Yoga Set Kit – 7-Piece 1

Inside this kit, you will also find an 8ft yoga strap made of 100% cotton. It's perfectly designed to ensure safe daily use with lasting durability. This cotton strap will come in handy when getting into positions and poses to master flexibility.

To add to the list of goodies in this Clever Yoga kit is a pair of yoga blocks which will greatly help when getting into poses and maintain the right posture. The blocks are designed for comfort with beveled edges and high-density foam. There is also a mat and hand towel made from high-quality microfiber which soaks up the sweat and dries off quickly.


A complete kit with everyday yoga accessories for a yogi

All the products are made from quality materials to ensure comfort, stability, and flexibility

The kit can be used at home, at the gym, or in studio