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YJ Bear Thin Purple Puppy Dog Pattern Floor Mat

Home improvements include polishing up space by either changing some things or adding some items. The aim is to brighten the space, tone down the colors and add some sense of style. Small improvements like adding a tiny piece can make all the difference in your space. Such items include wall clocks, mats, painting, etc. Floor mats work well with all floors, and they provide a focal point in the area. There are of different sizes, and the choice depends on your needs and availability of space. This mat from YJ is cute, and if you love puppies, then you should get one.

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Detailed information about YJ Bear Thin Purple Puppy Dog Pattern Floor Mat

It is a cute gift for puppy lovers and those aiming to improve their floor space. The mat is made of polyester and features a purple painting of a puppy head. It measures 40 cm x 60 cm which is a suitable size for a doormat. The base color is bright white which contrasts well with the purple painting. The bottom of the rug is made of non-slip PVC latex which keeps it in place all through.

The mat is super absorbent, simple to wash and dry. You can toss it in the washing machine or hand wash using mild detergents. It is not advisable to use bleaches as it would fade out the print. The drawing remains intact even after washing many times. The mat is suitable for any occasion and can be used anywhere around the house.