Skull With Butterflies Vintage Dictionary Art Print

Some of the most popular pieces of art utilize vintage designs and this feature makes many people interested in buying them. These designs range from woodwork, printouts, graphics and other décor-like items. When looking for vintage artwork, the buyer must consider the person’s preferences while keeping an eye on the piece’s aesthetics.

This way, the gift will be thoughtful and good-looking. It will also be a relatable piece which will perhaps reflect the personality of its new owner. This amazing piece of art represents passion and knowledge and it’s called Skull with Butterflies Vintage Dictionary Art print. But, what is so unique about it?

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Detailed information about Skull With Butterflies Vintage Dictionary Art Print

This vintage artwork features a print out of dictionary pages from the early 1900's. The pages are random, and each piece of these printouts is different. Moreover, the skull and the butterflies come out on top of the words and are clear enough everyone can notice them - even from a greater distance.

One thing that makes it suitable as a gift is that the color tone is neutral and can match up to any kind of space. Buyers mainly use it as a decor item on the wall. It comes in 8" by 10" size and can fit most frames of the same size. Each page comes with an antique and original look.