Naztech XJ-500 Wireless Headphone

Enjoy unmatched stereo sound experience and wireless freedom with the Naztech XJ-500 Wireless Headphones! Have a music lover in your life that never leaves the home without his headphones on but always struggles to keep it in place? No more worrying about tangled wires or losing them every now and then only to find them trashed in some corner! Now experience superb audio fidelity backed by an exceptional price and wireless freedom, thanks to the Naztech XJ-500 Wireless Headphone.


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Detailed information about Naztech XJ-500 Wireless Headphone

Take your favorite playlist on-the-go with these high-quality wireless headphones as you stream music or calls from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. Listen to music and answer calls effortlessly without taking the device out of your pocket. Your music lover will have a great time  enjoying music on-the-go!