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Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Bank

Pokémon gifts are trending and all for good reasons. These little magical creatures are cuddly and adorable, and almost every kid is all crazy about the adventures of Pokémon. With the new release of Pokémon Go, there is a sudden rush for all things Pokémon and every fan wants to have a piece that relates to it.

If you have a fan in your house, you would be in better books with them if you surprised them with a Pokémon themed gift especially the young ones. This electronic coin piggy bank is so adorable especially now that Pikachu appeared in the new movie Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, (the new Pokémon movie) and the recent appearance in Pokémon XY and Z.

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Detailed information about Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Bank

Itazura banks have been in use since 2009 and have always been a favorite to their users. This love just got better with this Itazura new Pokémon-Go electronic piggy bank. This one is without a doubt going to hit when you give it out to a Pokémon diehard.

The piggy bank is designed based on Pikachu, the most favorite mascot that features in the Pokémon series. The piggy bank is meant to make saving all fun, especially for the kids. When you put a coin on the labeled spot on top of the electronic box, a small voice inside the box will be heard and the character Pikachu will come out and "steal" the coin and put it inside the box. As the animal character places the coin back in, it will make another noise.


The electronic box design is inspired by Itazura New Pokemon-Go

The bank makes different Pikachu voices when taking and saving a coin

The piggy bank is a fun way to make savings