Whiskey Glass Cup Crystal Mug – Star Wars

The best way to enjoy the simple things in our lives is to do it differently and uniquely. They say normal is boring. That said, how about you gift a loved one or a friend or even yourself this cool double glass from niceeshop? This is not your regular glass or the kind that most people are accustomed to.

This glass has a very cool unique design and style. A look at it and you will certainly be impressed by the creativity and the intricate details that define it and the overall Star Wars theme.

It is a high-quality shot glass made of borosilicate glass. Its hard-double walled glass so do not expect it to break easily unless you drop it hard on the floor. The materials used are lead-free making it absolutely safe for consumables.

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Detailed information about Whiskey Glass Cup Crystal Mug – Star Wars

The is a versatile glass ideal for drinking just about any drink. You can use it as a whiskey glass, or for your tasty wine, beer, or vodka and if you are a teetotaler, it can also be a perfect water glass. You can use this cool glass to mix cocktails or wines and enjoy both your creativity and the one that is in the glass itself.


Made of high-quality double glass

It can be used for any drink

Crystal glass with a unique Star Wars design


It not suitable for dishwasher and not microwave safe