Wall Plate Base for Magnetic Spice Jars

Finding space in a busy kitchen for herbs and spices is often a problem. Usually, spice jars are either displayed on the countertop, thus using up valuable working space or put away in a wall cupboard where they can lie forgotten for many months, eventually to be found behind a half-empty cereal box along with two or three other spice jars containing the same spice.

The obvious answer is to have the spice jars displayed on the wall somehow and this is usually done with an array of differently shaped and sized shelving units designed to fit the size of the spice jars. This product from Gneiss Spice presents a completely new way of storing and displaying herb and spice jars and is one that will appeal to many people as being slightly different and quirky.

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Detailed information about Wall Plate Base for Magnetic Spice Jars

The product consists of a 430 grade stainless steel wall plate measuring about 10” x 12” (For those of you who would rather have different sizes to accommodate different numbers of spice jars and the available wall space in the kitchen, there are plates measuring 6” x 8”, 12” x 15”, 14” x 14”, 20” x 10”).

Each stainless steel is pre-drilled with a hole at each corner. The recipient of this gift will need to supply their own fixing hardware depending on the type of wall construction.

The idea behind the storage system is that the Gneiss hexagonal storage jars (not included in the set) have magnetic screw top lids that will magnetically stick to the stainless steel plate. Because the jars are hexagonal the jars will produce a pleasing hexagonal pattern on the plate.


This is a useful and stylish way of having all the herbs and spices on display and readily available

The stainless steel plates come in a variety of sizes to suit the available space


The owner of the stainless steel plate will have to buy Gneiss Magnetic spice jars to fit onto the plate