Beauty & the Beast Beautiful Silk Rose Set

This beautiful silk rose set was inspired by The Beauty and the Beast and is elegant and realistic. It is a build-yourself set so it comes with:  a red silk rose with a stem that can be easily cut to fit your needs, extra ‘fallen’ petals, LED light strip with USB plug, 6.5 feet in length, a glass dome (3.5-inch width, 8-inch height), and a wooden base (4.2. Inch diameter).

This is an easy to assemble kit. The uses for this are endless: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, birthdays, wedding or bridal showers, anniversaries, romantic dinners at home, housewarming gifts, the list goes on!

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Detailed information about Beauty & the Beast Beautiful Silk Rose Set

The LED lights are a wonderful addition to the kit. You can wrap the light strip up the stem or coil it casually at the bottom of the dome. Leave the strip loosely coiled to give it more of a casual glow. The beauty of the kit is you can modify it however you would like, making it a great gift for many different occasions. 

Beware though: the LED strip can get hot so please do not touch it while it is being used. The LED lights can get up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit which is not enough to burn the roses, but is hot enough to burn you!