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VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Babies and toddlers require constant stimulation for their vision, language ability, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills to develop appropriately for their age.

You have all seen toys developed for toddlers that include sounds, bright colors, and movement and this is why.  At this age, children are still learning how to control their bodies and every waking moment should be about learning and practicing new skills.

One of the better toys that fulfill all these requirements is the Pull and Sing Puppy from VTech.

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Detailed information about VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Her head rotates and her tail wags just like a real dog having fun. Her legs move while trying to keep up and the keys in her mouth swing making a rattling sound.

On the puppy’s body, there are three colorful buttons showing the numbers, one, two, and three. Your little one will have fun pressing these buttons and listening to the sounds.

The puppy’s nose lights up, and the voice and musical responses set off to keep baby’s attention. All the little features on the cute pup’s body will introduce numbers, colors, parts of the body as well as making puppy sounds to help with baby’s language development.

There are more than 60 individual songs, tunes, phrases, and sounds included in the puppy’s repertoire and all of these will help with baby’s development.


Cute little puppy with moving parts, sounds, and songs

Great for little ones to explore their surroundings

Helps to develop motor skills and vocalization