Vintage World Map Canvas

Sophisticated people are always on the lookout for classic or vintage items with which to decorate their homes. One of the best types of decoration you can buy, and one of the most versatile are the modern reproductions of vintage maps.

This wall map canvas from Décor Mi is an example of the vintage maps of yesteryear.

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Detailed information about Vintage World Map Canvas

The larger single map measures 24” x 35” while the three sectional map measures 16” x 32” per section. Each type comes ready to hang with a metal hanging bracket ready fixed to the back of the frame.

All the maps are Giclee prints, portrayed in high resolution and stretched across and stapled onto a sturdy wooden frame. The vintage world map is the ideal wall decoration for any room at home or in the office.

The sellers provide 30-day money back guarantee if the purchaser is not satisfied with any aspect of the print. The colors incorporated within the print include the creams, browns, and blacks that people expect from a vintage map from the Age of Discovery and the Age of Empires.


Sophisticated three-panel single print

Big enough to look good on a large plain wall

The colors will look good with other vintage items

Educational as well as sophisticated