Mysterium – A Ghostly Investigation Board Game

Here is a new board game for the family and just in time for the holidays. Mysterium is a fun game of investigation and ghostly mystery for 2 to 7 players, ages 10 and up.

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Detailed information about Mysterium – A Ghostly Investigation Board Game

Rather than your typical board game that pits one player against another, in Mysterium, the players function as a member of a team that works together under the direction of the ghost to solve his murder. As a group, with some assistance from the forgetful and rather vague ghost, the players each try to guess the person, place and weapon combination used to commit the crime in question.

The team debates the meaning of the clues from the vision cards, and after the debate is concluded the team as a whole decides what combo has been used; who did it, where was the murder committed, and what weapon was used to do the deed? If they guess correctly the team wins and if they are wrong the team as a whole loses.


Play and strategize as a group

An interesting and ever-changing game that is fun to play again and again

One player acts as the ghost of a murder victim who gives clues and helps the investigatory team to solve the crime