Chai Tea Private Reserve TRIO

Are you a tea drinker who wishes that other people were as keen on traditional loose teas as you are? Have you any friends or family members who you want to educate about good quality tea?

If so then you might want to consider buying this as a gift for that person (or why not buy two, one pack for yourself?). This gift, “Vahdam Chai tea Private Reserve” from Vahdam is the ideal sampler to attract non-tea drinkers to the pleasures of Indian tea.


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Detailed information about Chai Tea Private Reserve TRIO

The tins each contain one of Oprah’s favourite chai teas: Ginger Chai; Sweet Cinnamon Chai and Maharani Oolong Chai. These three chai teas make up a beautiful presentation gift for men and women alike. Vahdam Teas are not only recommended by Oprah, they have been featured in many media reports such as Forbes, GMA, PopSugar, Reader’s Digest and USA Today to name but a few. Vahdam Teas also won six prestigious awards at the 2018 World Tea Championships.

Unlike some other companies, Vahdam isn’t only about profits. They make sure that their farmers receive one of the best prices for their tea and 1% of Vahdam’s revenue is redirected to provide education for the children of their tea farmers and pickers. Tea farmers just like any other parents, wish the best for their children and Vahdam make sure that this educational opportunity is there for them.


This product and its two sister products provide really good quality Indian tea at its best

The gift set is a sampler allowing tea drinkers to choose which type they prefer

Vahdam Teas have won many prestigious awards for the quality of their teas