Variety Sampler Gourmet Gift Pack Tea

Tea drinking enthusiasts love to try new and different methods of presenting and making a good cup of tea. Signature Cérémonie teas such as the Variety Sampler Gourmet Gift Pack allow many tea drinkers to try many different types of tea and herbal infusions.

The box contains a variety of teas packed in individual mesh tea sachets to allow the flavor to circulate and brew naturally without having to worry about loose tea leaves floating around in the cup. This is one of the best presents you could give to a tea drinking friend or member of the family.

Each distinctive cube holds a mesh tea bag filled with tea leaves of such high quality that these teas are found at high-class hotels and fine dining restaurants. The box of specialty teas holds 10 hand-picked premium bouquets and flavors.

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Detailed information about Variety Sampler Gourmet Gift Pack Tea

Herbal infusions and tea drinking, in general, is full of ritual beginning with the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony right up to the present day. Discerning tea drinkers everywhere try their hardest to achieve the best cup of tea possible by making sure that the water is of the correct temperature, the cup or mug is made from bone china rather than common ceramic, some teas work better with milk while others need the addition of lemon.

In the end, the tea drinker will find the best flavor and method of brewing that works for them, but in the meantime, he or she must try out all the different tea variations available.


This is a great gift for the avid tea drinker in your family or circle of friends

There is a selection of black teas, green teas and herbal infusions for the drinker to choose from as the mood takes them and also to maybe brew a leaf that hasn’t been tried before

The varying types of tea are all good quality leaf and are presented in a stylish box and sophisticated tea bag sachet